I need help to buy connectors : your website does not work at all in Italy. Can someone get in touch with me? Thanks.

Hi,you could find our products on alibaba. Changzhou Rovmaker Technology Co., Ltd. - ROV, ROV Cable
contact us for any time,we will send you the details of connector you want:)

your website is not working in italy…i cannot make any question…, please give me answer in this forum or write to my email


hi,the inner diameter of your penetrator is small for our connector.we have suitable M10 penetrators on sale.

for more details or placing the order,reply us any time.Best regards!

Hi, I have tried twice to buy this connector
https: // it. / item / 33000541486.html?

and I have paied once with HYPE CARD and the second time with PayPall and the both way resuts the payment is suspended.
I have contacted the Card Direction and they say the problem is on the seller.
Can I buy directly from you ? Cano you help me? Thanks